Monday, April 21, 2008

The Crooked House

While Briony has been up North, I have been working hard in southern Vermont. Since she has been gone I have learned to shoot a gun and operate a sawmill. I have also started some gardening jobs and it has been good to get back in the dirt. It never seems to take very long for gardening to find me again. I am working on some botanical illustrations for a friends book of trout lily and bloodroot (and blood root happens to be unfurling its sweet little leaves outside my doorstep as we speak). The weather has been amazing, I already went swimming in a very cold rushing brook. Life is pretty terrific these days, hope you are all finding spring sweet.

Here is one of my newest prints with spray paint aquatint. Thanks to all that have donated to our Aquatint Box Project- I am very excited to be acquiring a real box in the near future.


Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

dear maine'r vixen.
wondering if the aquatintboxproject is still a go, donation, prints, and if so, what are the prints, or is it a kind of random bag of cats. seems you're cruising along up north, all wild and exciting and running birthdaysuit through the undergrowth.
probably smell like pine needles.
let me know.

Twin Vixen Press said...

Yes dear Dodger,
The aquatint Box Project is still a go. It is a gamble because the prints are brand new, made for the Project, and based on something springtime like... There are still some available. Thanks for the terrific post- pine needles and birthday suits. Can't wait to visit you and the Bear soon.

Lost Out There said...

This is an incredible picture..:-)