Friday, February 27, 2009

Twin Vixen Press Annual Subscription

Do yo have an itch for some low-priced hand-printed etchings by Helen and Briony? Here's your chance!

Last year Twin Vixen Press put together the Aquatint Box Project, a subscription-like project that helped us raise enough money to purchase a rosin dust box for the studio. The project was a success - we now have our lovely aquatint box installed in the corner of our studio - and we decided to offer a similar opportunity to raise money to keep our studio alive and well. Our next big project is putting together a ventilation system for the studio space. We also have our eye on some new blankets for the press and a shop vac! Lastly, in our current financial times, this is a really affordable way to support the arts and artists like Briony and Helen!

2009 Twin Vixen Press Annual Subscription details:
Prints: 4” x 6” images on 8” x 10” Rives BFK paper
Price: $60 for regular edition, $100 for special edition, hand-colored prints
Edition: 60 regular edition prints, 10 special edition prints

If you would like to participate in this year's subscription please email us at and we'll sign you up. The prints are expected to go out at the end of May. Last year we sold out quicker than we thought so email us as soon as possible if you would like a set.

Prints of last years subscription will be posted soon!