Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tulips and Sombreros

Today Briony and I are sitting on the porch making plates and writing emails and we decided to take some lovely shots of us with the tulips. We are working on a plate together and when one of us gets tired the other one picks up the slack. It is going very well. A pheonix rising out of invasive weeds.... you'll see.

We had a lovely walk in the retreat woods in the early morning and came out onto a dew drenched corn field....
We had a good weekend that started off with a good Gallery Walk. Briony and I both sold a thing or two and I sold a small painting that Briony quickly photographed before the new owners took it to its new home. It was painted at Hart's Pass, Washington when Briony and I went camping with Tom and Pam.
Unfortunately we do not have any photographs of our exciting adventures with our new buddies at the Motorcycle Swap, a trip to Margaritas (where we won free sombreros), the leather store, and a terrific gas station called Mort's, but I am sure no one can imagine a more perfect Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Aquatint Box Project. We have officially ordered one and it is on its way from the Netherlands... yeah!