Friday, March 28, 2008

Yellow Ochre Blues

Yesterday we were working on our print job for Tom Wood. The only thing that is a little tricky is trying to match the color to the original print. The original print has a lovely warm and creamy golden yellow and so we are mixing yellow ochre with white, raw sienna, hansa yellow, easy wipe, and transparent base. (Don't worry Tom, we are really close!) To help us along, we were listening to a cd of old and rare American folk and blues music, and we got inspired to write a little blues song of our own.... This is the first (and probably the last) song from Twin Vixen Press. We think it is pretty hilarious and hopefully you will too....

Today it is snowing like the devil, we have quite a few inches on the ground. Briony heads to Johnson on Saturday to begin her artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center. We are preparing ourselves for the month long separation.


billy said...

So you do, "video", as well, can't wait to see where this goes. Good news is, spring is on the way. So you'll be able to enjoy the whetstones soothing 45 to 50 degree waters and soak those blues away, while turning blue. Be sure to stay conscious though, you wouldn't want to miss out on the old city constructions hospitality of margaritas, and CPR. Don't forget your towel, we charge a dollar, per. It's gonna be a great spring.
Cheers , Billy

Lost Out There said...

Haha, this has me laughing while I'm standing in my kitchen watching it! It'll be alright, I'm sure you'll figure out those colors..:-)

You guys want a recording contract with our label? :-)

Talk to you soon


Dori said...

Pretty hysterical you two! I love it. I wish my copper was cheaper, I wish my edges cleaner...

Miss you Briony!! But you look so HAPPY.